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Mistral Network uses a virtual currency called Mistral Tokens (also known as "Mucks"). This currency cannot be purchased using real currency.


Mistral Tokens are the player run currency that can be used in-game to purchase a variety of blocks & Items from Player Shops, as well as purchasing in-game upgrades such as additional homes, bonus claim allowances, and more in the future.
You can earn Mistral Tokens in a variety of ways, such as:
  • Selling blocks/items to other players
  • Claiming the daily rewards
  • Winning events
  • And more ways coming in future updates!

Basic Usage

You can view how many Mistral Tokens you own by either using the /balance command, or by opening your playerlist (TAB by default).
You can also trade between players by either using /trade [playername] or Sneak Right Clicking another player. This sends the other player a trade request, if they accept, then a GUI will open allowing you to create a trade.

Bank System

We have a fully featured Bank system which allows you to deposit and withdraw at any time, share bank accounts with other players, create standing orders to send money to other players at a customisable interval, and much more!
You can access everything from an easy to use GUI menu by using the /bank command! (We'll also be adding a more interactive way to access your bank account in a future update)