Setting flags & Trusting players
Flags are factors within a claim you can control. This can either be set to all players, or specific players.

Quick setup

If you want to quickly grant players complete access to your residence use:
/res padd playername
This will give access to everything so only do this with trusted players.

Using the GUI menu

To change flags for everyone open the GUI menu, using /res set while standing within your claim. To change flags for a specific player, use /res pset instead.
As you'll see below, there are a lot of possible flags you can toggle. Within the GUI, left clicking enables that flag, right clicking disables it, and Shift left clicking removes it, which sets it to the global default.
List of available flags

Commands for multiple residences

A very useful command if you have a lot of residences that need to have the same flags for the same players you can mirror all of the permissions from one residence to another(You must be the owner of both to do this). /res mirror sourceresidence targetresidence.
You can also use /res setall [flag] true/false/removeto change flags on all of your residences.