Gameplay Changes
We've adjusted some game mechanics, as well as adding a few new ones in. This page covers all the additional features that aren't big enough for their own dedicated page.

Shulker Boxes

You can right click a shulker box in your inventory, or right click while holding it (while looking at air) to open it, essentially making them work like backpacks. This allows you to modify their contents without having to place them down and break them again.

Totems of Undying

Another change we've added is Totems of Undying no longer need to be in your hand to activate. As long as one is in your inventory, if you are about to die, it will activate.


You can sit on a stair or a slab by right clicking it. You can also use /sit to sit anywhere.


Tired of using Ladders or staircases to go up and down? Why not give an Elevator a try?
Created using signs, simply enter [elevator] on the top line of a sign to create a floor, then, keeping the X and Z values the same, at a different height, repeat the process, and the elevators will link.
To use an elevator, right click the sign to go up, or hold sneak and right click it to go down.